Welcome to the Town of Northwood!

The Town of Northwood was founded in 1773 and is home to 4,241 year-round residents. Situated on Route 4 the Town is on the main thoroughfare between Concord and Portsmouth and sees an average of 13,000 commuters every day.

Mission Statement

The Town of Northwood New Hampshire seeks sustainable growth that protects our natural and historic resources, while preserving our values, qualities, and culture.

To promote and improve our quality of living, enhance our sense of community, and preserve the integrity of our small-town heritage.

We are committed to providing excellence in service for all citizens, businesses, and visitors through constant improvement and determination. We strive to sustain the public trust through open and responsive government, and we encourage public participation from our citizens and businesses.


Town Administrator Weekly Report

The weekly reports for the Town of Northwood are located under the Administration Department's Files & Documents. Please CLICK THIS LINK to view them.

Election & Voting Day Results

Below are the official results of the Election from June 8, 2021. Please take note, some articles may need the majority vote required or a fraction vote required to pass. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote and to all of the volunteers and helpers who assisted the Town Clerks. Congratulations to all who have been elected!

Please CLICK THIS LINK for the Official Election results. The number of votes and additional comments are highlighted on this document.

Please CLICK THIS LINK to be directed to the Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Department for more details.

Town Hall Hours

Northwood Town Offices will be open from 9:00am to 4:00pm beginning June 7th. Masks are requested to be worn for unvaccinated visitors entering the building. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office hours are not the same as the upper floor of the Town Hall. Please CLICK THIS LINK to be directed to the Town Clerks page to see their office hours that are listed.

Northwood Transmission Vegetation Management Work

Eversource will be performing vegetation management work along electric power corridors (rights of way) within the town of Northwood during 2021. All of the vegetation management team members working within the right of way will be adhering to Eversource’s COVID 19 protocols. Please CLICK THIS LINK for more details. Additionally, please CLICK THIS LINK to view the area's in Northwood that Eversource will be preforming vegetation management work.

Atlantic Broadband Cable Franchise Agreement Renewal 

The Town of Northwood has received official notice from Atlantic Broadband Company of its intent to renew their cable television franchise. The current franchise agreement expires on December 31, 2023. As part of the renewal process, the Northwood Board of Selectmen is soliciting public input to ascertain the cable–related needs and interests of Northwood residents. Please click on the link provided below for more details.

Please CLICK THIS LINK for more details.

Northwood Government Meetings Broadcast

Recordings of Northwood government meetings are broadcast Friday evenings and Saturdays on Metrocast Channel 26. Please CLICK THIS LINK for this weeks schedule.

Northwood Public Safety Strategy Committee Releases Video of Public Safety Concerns

An advisory committee was formed to review and recommend actions to resolve the safety and liability issues that exist with Northwood’s three current Public Safety facilities. To raise awareness of the current deficiencies and to inform the citizens of Northwood, a video was created by the Northwood Public Safety Strategy Committee, and can be viewed here:

Northwood Public Safety Buildings Video 

Due to the importance of dealing with these safety and liability issues in a timely manner, the committee is recommending that a plot of land be purchased to begin working with an architect to design a more cost-effective solution than what was proposed to the citizens of Northwood in 2019. Analysis by the committee concluded:

  • Considerable deficiencies exist in all three public safety buildings and need to be rectified in accordance with current code and public safety recommendations.
  • Currently, our Fire/EMS is housed in two buildings because only certain apparatus will fit in the current structure. This increases response time when a responder needs to go to the other building first to get the proper apparatus for the situation. Having all available apparatus in one location will reduce response times.
  • The Emergency Operations Center (located above the Ridge Fire Station) is adjacent to the Northwood Elementary School, which is not ideal in the case of an emergency at the school.
  • A single structure combining police and fire is being considered over renovating and maintaining the 3 individual structures. The current locations are not adequate nor ideal for a new single facility.
  • As land and building costs rarely go down, it is fiscally responsible to purchase the land now. The land can always be sold should the project not be approved.

The Public Safety Facility Strategy Committee appreciates your consideration of the Warrant article to approve the purchase of land to allow for exploration of design/build options for a Public Safety building that will reduce liability, increase safety, efficiency and be more economical to build and maintain.

For more information contact: Beth Boudreau, Northwood Public Safety Strategy Committee Chair,


Town Of Northwood 250th Steering Committee

The committee is looking for group sponsored events and activities for all ages and a suggestion for mementos to be sold for the celebration. CLICK THIS LINK for the form

Human Services:

Please Visit our Human Services Page for: Molly Ewing's Girl Scout Gold Award Podcasts

Food Pantry:

If anyone would like to donate to the food pantry, please reach out to Julie Roberts at (603) 664-6937 for more information. Otherwise, please send all mail-in donations to the following address:

Northwood Emergency Food Pantry

734 First NH Turnpike

Northwood, NH 03261

 Staff may be reached by phone or by email:  

Assessing (603) 942-5586 x2006 assessing@town.northwood.nh.us

Building Department (603) 942-5586 x2003 jshaheen@town.northwood.nh.us

Finance Department (603) 942-5586 x2012 ceastman@town.northwood.nh.us

Highway Department (603) 942-5586 x2008  highway@town.northwood.nh.us

Human Services (603) 942-5586 x2007 pallard@town.northwood.nh.us

Land Use Administrative Assistant (603) 942-5586 x2004 spastor@town.northwood.nh.us

Land Use Specialist (603) 942-5586 x2005 lsmith@town.northwood.nh.us

Recreation (603) 942-5586 x2011 sblewitt@town.northwood.nh.us

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (603) 942-5586 x2002 mrusso@town.northwood.nh.us

Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector (603) 942-5586 x2001 mrowe@northwoodnh.org

Town Administrator (603) 942-5586 x2020 wjohnson@town.northwood.nh.us

Treasurer (603) 942-5586 x2014 treasurer@town.northwood.nh.us

Municipal Administrative Assistant (603) 942-5586 x2013 adminassist@town.northwood.nh.us

Board of Selectmen: 

Hal Kreider: hkreider@town.northwood.nh.us

Matt Frye: mfrye@town.northwood.nh.us

Beth Boudreau: bboudreau@town.northwood.nh.us

Tim Colby: tcolby@town.northwood.nh.us

James Guzofski: jguzofski@town.northwood.nh.us

To help keep everyone safe but still able to participate in the Board of Selectmen's Meetings, 

Due to the Emergency Order issued by the Governor regarding Town's to meet electronically being removed, the Northwood Board of Selectmen have since moved all of their meetings to the conference hall within the Town Hall at this time. The public is welcome to join the Board during these in person meeting. The following procedures will be followed:

If you wish to participate in the BOS meeting, the following procedures are in place to ensure that everyone who would like to participate will be able to do so. There will be a microphone placed in the center of the room for the public to use only during Citizen's Forum which will be held at the beginning and the end of every Board of Selectmen's meeting. You must identify yourself if you wish to speak during Citizens Forum. 

Please fill out this Citizen's FormAgenda Request Form


please email your citizen's form statement to: citizensforum@town.northwood.nh.us

and we will read it during the citizen's forum section of the meeting within the following guidelines:

The Board may accept written comments from residents to be read into the record during the meeting.  The letters must be sent to the Board via the Citizen’s Forum email address or they can be sent via mail to the Town of Northwood at 818 First NH Turnpike, ATTENTION BOS: Citizens Forum.  Submissions must identify the resident by name and be received by noon the day before the meeting to allow time to verify that it is in fact from the resident.  Consequently, contact information must be included with the letter.  If the Town cannot verify the identity of the person, the letter will not be read.  The reading will be limited to the first 400 words of the email.  The reader is not required to read aloud any vulgarities or swearing in the reading of the letter and will make clear that what is being read are the opinions of the author of the letter/email and not those of the one reading the text or the Board.  

The YouTube Link to watch any previous Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Conservation meeting during the Covid-19 Emergency Order that was given by the Governor can be found here:

Youtube - Town of Northwood Meetings

ONLINE ASSESSING CAN BE FOUND HEREhttps://www.axisgis.com/northwoodnh/

Northwood Transfer Station

is OPEN to all household trash and recycling.  

The Northwood Transfer Station 

is currently accepting items with a fee payable by check or credit card ONLY.

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